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Shea is a degenerate like no other degenerate.  He’s a guru degenerate, or a degenerate guru. He’s also a longtime caller into the Dan Patrick show; and other than a small quibble between Dan and Shea a few years ago, he’s completely dedicated to being on air at least once a week, depending on what else he has going on.

From now on people, you can get all the Shea you want, right here.  Shea will post all of his picks, his running commentary on who is shaving points, tributes to gingers and his thoughts, or lack thereof, of anything else he gets into, along with guest opinions, bullshit and yes… podcasts.




Just in case you don’t have a guy…

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  1. Redacted


    It’s January 22nd, 2014 and I’m listening to the Podcast at work, thinking you might be able to advise me on this dilemma I’ve found myself in. Some background:

    I’ve been dating the same girl for about two years (we’ve broken up maybe a dozen times, but seem to get back together becuase we both lack spines). This past Sunday, I went over to her place, and brought a dozen limes, a gallon of margarita mix, a bottle of Hornitos Tequilla, and a bottle of Cointreau. After watching seven hours of football (FYI: took the Patriots and the 49ers) and polishing off each bottle, I apparently got emotional and started talking about marriage and kids. The entire night is a cloud of confusion at this point, but she has been extremely happy since then, and I think I might have gotten myself into commitment that I’m just not ready for.

    At this point, I only see three available options:

    1) Propose to her and accept my new life and limited freedom;
    2) Move to Alaska. There’s a position open in Anchorage that will result in a 30% increase in pay, and I’ll be able to ski during the winter (don’t have that option here in San Antonio, TX);
    3) Continue as if nothing happened.

    What are your thoughts? Also, she has two chihuahua’s that I may or may not like more than her. Thanks.

    1. ok. shit just got serious. you’ve got a couple options, which i’ll go over in a minute, but first i’d like to examine your intentions of going over to her house with so much booze. listen, i love tequila more than anyone not in rehab, but i’m gonna go ahead an wager that you know your drunk self much better than me. But if my tequila-drunk self sometimes got emotional and yearned for offspring, i’d probably not bring tequila to my on again, off again girlfriend’s house because i’d be afraid of her trapping me. maybe somewhere in the back of your head, you want this woman to carry your offspring?

      if that’s the case, then go ahead and take the plunge. worst case scenario is she kills you after you realize you’re not the father. not the worst way to end it.

      but if you want to escape a drunken mistake: alaska is an easy option, but it’s also cold as hell up there. and as a texan living in chicago right now, a 30% increase ain’t an increase enough, but i’ve never been skiin before.

      a historically safe and effective option for me is the STD option. I normally send a text saying “hey. we need to talk”. then i get all distant and what-not, then schedule a sit-down in a public place and pick my poison. HIV, herpes, hep c, sphillis, etc. whatever you think will scare her away from you. It’s pretty simple to forge a positive test result from the free clinic.

      good luck.

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